AC Marine N110F Antenna mount


AC Marine N110F Antenna mount
Clamp mount for KUM8 and KUM9

This mount is made for side mast or vertical rail mounting of the KUM8 and
KUM9 antenna families.
N110F is a heavy duty steel mount with galvanized surface thus withstanding
long term rough weather conditions at sea.
Each antenna needs two N110F kits for secure installation. The mounting is
quick and simple by means of the brackets and bolt sets.

Mechanical Specification:

Material : Galvanized steel
Finish : Bright grey, galvanized
Weight : 0.14kg (0.30 lbs)
Mounting method : Clamp mount
Antenna requirement : Ø40 radomes with sleeve
Pole size : 50 to 70mm (2 to 2.8 in)