Garmin BlueChart® g2


Garmin BlueChart® g2


See your vessel’s precise, on-chart position in relation to navaids, coastal features, anchorages, obstructions, waterways, restricted areas and more with this detailed marine mapping data.

  • Shaded depth contours, coastlines, spot soundings, navaids, port plans, wrecks, obstructions, intertidal zones, restricted areas and IALA symbols.
  • Seamless transitions between zoom levels and more continuity across chart boundaries.
  • Standard 2-D direct overhead or 3-D “over the bow” map perspective for easy chart reading and orientation.
  • Safety Shading* enables contour shading for all depth contours shallower than your defined safe depths.
  • Fishing Charts* to scope out bottom contours and depth soundings with less visual clutter on the display.
  • Plan and organize routes from your computer with HomePort™ (sold separately).



HAE004R - Hong Kong/South China Sea

Part Number: 010-C0879-20

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HAE003R - Taiwan

Part Number: 010-C0878-20

HAE005R - Phillippines-Java-Mariana Islands

Part Number: 010-C0880-20

HAE009R - Sin/Mal/Indonesia

Part Number: 010-C0884-20